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30 October, 2012



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Cultist is a humble tribute to old school Game&Watch (or Электроника for us in the former Eastern Bloc) mobile game consoles. You control a devoted and agile cultist as he places virgins on an altar for sacrifice while avoiding the reach of his angry god's dangerous tentacles. Something you do every day probably.


There wasn't much discussion about what should be first HitPixels game it was rather obvious. Every member of team had vivid memory of theirs first encounter with mobile gaming and it was either 'Hare' or 'Octopus', two very common Eastern Bloc clones of Nintendo Watch&Game. Lead artist picked theme and laid out some mockup screens which should instantly remind a player of vintage classic but with new and exciting twist. And that's basically how Cthulhu and his virgin-bringing-minions got to life.


  • Almost unlimited supply of virgins.
  • 3 times more lifes than is usual in real life.
  • Realism not seen in games since Pong.
  • Tough choices that will directly influence destiny of many (in most cases) innocent virgins.


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      About HitPixels

      HitPixels are loose collective of game enthusiasts from Prague (Czech Republic) formally formed in summer 2012. Their personal goal is to spawn tiny but fun mobile games and have splendid time while doing so. Their main target platform is Android.

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      Cultist Credits

      Marek 'Watashi Riko' Plavecký
      art, sfx

      Lucia 'Leon Chameau' Tomasova
      testing, translation

      David 'Zack' Zachoval

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks